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Managing a home loan involves not just the process of securing the mortgage but also the ongoing servicing and management of that loan. MyLoanCare, a division of New Residential Investment Corp., commonly referred to as NewRez, is dedicated to providing robust servicing solutions for homeowners. In this guide, we'll delve into what MyLoanCare offers and why it's a noteworthy choice for managing your mortgage.

myloancare Newrez

Understanding MyLoanCare: A Trusted Servicing Solution

MyLoanCare is a servicing division of NewRez, specializing in managing and servicing residential mortgage loans. As a dedicated service provider, MyLoanCare focuses on offering comprehensive support for borrowers throughout the life of their loan.

Services Offered by MyLoanCare

Online Account Management: MyLoanCare provides an online portal for borrowers to manage their loan accounts, make payments, and access relevant documents easily.

Payment Options: The platform offers multiple convenient payment options, including online payments, autopay, and more, to suit borrowers' preferences.

Customer Support: MyLoanCare is committed to offering customer support and assistance for any loan-related queries or concerns.

Escrow Services: For loans with escrow accounts, MyLoanCare manages taxes and insurance payments on behalf of the borrower.

Assistance with Loan Modifications: In cases where borrowers might need to modify their loan terms, MyLoanCare offers support through the process.

Why Choose MyLoanCare?

User-Friendly Online Interface: MyLoanCare's online platform offers easy-to-navigate tools for borrowers to manage their accounts and payments conveniently.

Responsive Customer Support: The company is dedicated to providing quality customer service, ensuring borrowers receive the necessary assistance and guidance.

Payment Flexibility: With various payment options, borrowers have the flexibility to choose the method that best suits their preferences.

MyLoanCare - Simplifying Loan Management

For borrowers looking for a reliable and user-friendly loan servicing platform, MyLoanCare, a division of NewRez, stands as a commendable option. With its focus on a user-friendly online interface, responsive customer service, and various servicing solutions, MyLoanCare simplifies the often complex task of managing a home loan.